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We Have Mac Computers

Once the domain of music and graphic artists, over the years Apple Macintosh computers have found a place in office environments and in the hands of road warriors.  Maybe it’s the cool factor, maybe its interoperability with iPhones and iPads or maybe it’s the notion that ‘Macs are more secure than Windows computers’.

From a cybersecurity perspective, there exists a common misconception that Macs are less susceptible than Windows-based computers to being hacked or infected with malware.  Now, there is some truth to the statement.  The mac operating system (macOS) is based on Linux, which is generally more difficult to exploit than Windows.  It is also said that Macs have more security inherently built into the operating system.

But here is the reality check…Macs possess 7.8% of the global market share in the personal computer industry.  But with over 2 billion computers worldwide, devices with Windows far out shadow Macs.  This is an important fact because if a hacker group is going to create malware, they are going to create it where they get the biggest bang for the buck.  They are going to focus on Windows computers simply because there are more targets…a lot more.

What this doesn’t mean is that Macs are more secure.  They are just less targeted.  However, this is a false sense of security as Macs are being infected with malware, including ransomware.  Kaspersky Labs estimated that 700,000 Mac users fell victim to the Flashback Trojan.  Mac users are receiving phishing attacks that attempt to install malicious content and steal credentials.  If your environment has Mac computers, it is vital to install controls like anti-malware designed for macOS and implement sound practices around strong passwords, patching, and backups.   Also, remember that attack campaigns are often designed around a business or company.  Hackers don’t necessarily care what type of computers are being used in the office.

Protect your computers…all of them!

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