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Healthcare is under attack. Protect your clinic to avoid data breaches

Small clinics lack the expertise to maintain a safe, reliable computer system

IT Depts in large clinics lack resources and tools to secure their environment

Secure Solutions Now is a suite of IT-based services designed ​ to help clinics manage their IT and cybersecurity needs.​

Affordable IT support when you need help

Proactive management of your computer system

Advanced cybersecurity protection

Data backup and recovery

EMR transition and support

Access to Incident Response teams

Did you know...

The average small business experiences 14 hours of downtime annually​

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses

Why are cyber criminals targeting your clinic?

Personal health information is valuable on the darkweb

Aging and legacy systems

The criticality of the healthcare industry

The overall lack of security awareness and low priority attitude makes healthcare and "easier" target


Personal health information is valuable on the darkweb

Aging and legacy systems


The criticality of the healthcare industry

The overall lack of security awareness and low priority attitude makes healthcare and "easier" target


How important is IT to your clinic?

Unable to access calendars

PHI found on the dark web

Unable to access patient records

Reported breach

Poor client care

Negative media exposure

Loss of client confidence

Financial impact

…Lost client confidence

...Lost Client

...Lost Revenue

Our EMR provider and IT service provider takes care of that.

We're covered, right?

Are you? Think again!

EMR providers like Oscar Pro manage data integrity, ensure that appropriate access is controlled and encrypt data being viewed. But clinicians are responsible for protecting the computers that access PHI and PHI which is emailed.

IT service providers are often not well versed in cybersecurity. Many lack the appropriate skillset and provide outdated, consumer tools that are not designed to detect or prevent the advanced attacks we are seeing today.

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Clinics and physicians are responsible for protecting PHI.

Learn more about regulatory responsibilities

Better Together

IT Services

We have partnered with Blue Bird IT to manage your IT environment with services customized to ensure that your technology is reliable and efficient.

Helpdesk/Desktop Support​

​Our managed service plan ensures that your clinic has IT support when needed. We provide an unlimited remote helpdesk model that is augmented with flat rate onsite support. ​

24/7 Proactive Monitoring ​

Our team of IT experts continuously monitor your network, servers & computers to minimize unexpected failures and outages.​

Patch management​

To maximize system performance, security, and functionality, we shoulder the burden of keeping your software and hardware up to date by applying the latest vendor updates and patches.​

Data Back-up and Recovery​

System and data backup are an essential part of any IT operation that can minimize downtime and data loss. The reality is that clinic systems contain important data and are vital to efficient operations. Backups position your clinic to quickly recover from a system failure, data loss, or ransomware attack.​

O365 Licensing and email​

We can assist you in obtaining Microsoft licensing and transitioning to the Office 365 corporate email system. On this platform, you can access and further benefit from email encryption, email protection, and cybersecurity user awareness training. ​

EMR Transition and support​

Whether you are implementing a new EMR, switching EMR vendors, or need support with your existing EMR solution, we can provide you with the support and guidance you need!​

Hardware Procurement​

Strategic partnerships with hardware and software vendors such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Lexmark, etc. provide us the ability to secure preferential pricing for our clients. This gives you the ability to make the most out of your IT infrastructure budget. ​

Cybersecurity Services

Our Cybersecurity Managed Service solution has been designed to provide clinics with the fundamental tools needed to proactively protect their business against disruptive and expensive Ransomware attacks.

Advanced Cyber protection​

Desktop anti-virus is no longer sufficient to protect organizations from cyber-attacks. Our solution combines the latest in next-generation anti-malware, AI-based technology with a team of cybersecurity experts actively monitoring systems for suspicious activity; preventing attacks from taking place.​

  • Next-Generation Anti-Malware software with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)​
  • Our team of experts actively monitors for unusual activity on your computers and firewalls to enhance protection against threats that cannot be detected by software​
  • Access to an experienced Incident response team (Separate fees apply)​
User Training​

As people are the primary target in all phishing campaigns, teaching cybersecurity fundamentals empowers them to protect the business. Our solution includes monthly, online Employee Awareness Training, designed to engage and educate.​

– Corporate email addresses are required – can be obtained through O365 licensing

Email Security​

Many clinics have realized the limitations of using message systems within their EMR platform. They are moving to corporate mail systems to simplify the exchange of information with patients and colleagues. However, regulatory compliance requires that email containing PHI is encrypted and protected. Not only can we help you migrate to Office 365 mail system, but our email security solution will provide the ability to encrypt emails AND enhance email filtering to reduce SPAM and malicious content arriving in your inbox. ​

– Corporate email addresses are required – can be obtained through O365 licensing​

Incident Response Engagement​

If the unthinkable happens, you have access to our Incident Response and Forensics services to help you manage the incident and get your business back on track. Our team will work with you to identify, triage, contain the situation, and help you understand how the incident occurred.

Does your clinic have an internal IT department? We have solutions for larger clinics also.
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