To Backup or Not to Backup

As a long-time IT professional, I can’t tell you how many times I have led conversations around the importance of backing up data/systems.  Implementing a

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We Have Mac Computers

Once the domain of music and graphic artists, over the years Apple Macintosh computers have found a place in office environments and in the hands

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The Insider Threat

Have you heard the term “Insider Threat”?  I’m not talking about the 2006 Denzel Washington movie, The Inside Man (good movie BTW).  The cyber security

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Employee Awareness Training

There exists a common misconception about how hackers gain access to their victim’s network.  Maybe this is due to Hollywood’s portrayal of men in hoodies

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Last Line of Defense

Is it safe to assume that most people have heard of anti-virus software?  This is the software we install on computers to protect them from

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BlueBird IT Partnership

DoctorCare and Well Health are excited to announce a new partnership with BlueBird IT.   This alliance will provide Canadian Health Care organizations with exceptional Managed

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Myth vs Fact

The healthcare industry is under attack by cybercriminals seeking PHI and financial gain by holding critical systems hostage. You are all aware of the threat.

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CyberWar Image

The Threat of CyberWar

If you think that Canada won’t be impacted by the Russian attack on Ukraine, you are sadly mistaken.  I clearly don’t want to downplay the

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